How long does it take to get divorced in Arizona?

No one wants to get divorced.  And if you, like many people, find yourself at the beginning of a divorce, you probably want the divorce to be completed as quickly and painlessly as possible.  In Arizona, A.R.S. 25-329 requires a 60 day waiting, or “cooling off” period between the time a party is served with a Petition for Dissolution and the time the divorce may be finalized by the Court.  Thus, even if you and your spouse agree on all issues in the divorce involving property, finances and children, you will still need to wait at least 60 days before your divorce will be finalized by the Court.

Agreeing on all issues at the beginning of a divorce is a best case scenario and known as an “uncontested divorce.”  Many divorces, however, are “contested” and may require negotiation, mediation and, worst case scenario, trial to be finalized.  Contested divorces can take much longer than the mandatory 60 day “cooling off” period.  It is not uncommon for a contested divorce to last several months in Arizona.  Factors such as complexity of issues in the case, reasonableness of both parties and your Judge’s calendar can all extend the length of the divorce.  Rest assured, however, that all divorces have a beginning and an end.  And even a contested divorce can be completed expeditiously in many circumstances.

If you have concerns about the time frame for your divorce please consult The Law Office of Kristen Kaffer, PLLC to schedule a free thirty-minute consultation.

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